Republic Day of India Essay in English

Republic Day of India Essay in English

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Republic Day Essay


Republic Day is a national festival. 26th January is celebrated as Republic Day in India. It was on this day in the year 1950, India adopted its constitution. By adopting the constitution, India became a Sovereign, Secular, Socialist, Democratic Republic country on 26 January 1950, almost three years after independence.

History of Republic Day

After a long struggle, India got independence on 15th August 1947. But we were not having any form of Government or Constitution or Political parties. Therefore on 28 August 1947, it was decided that a drafting committee will be appointed to draft a permanent constitution for India. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was made the chairman of the drafting committee who took the responsibility and submitted the constitution of India to the Assembly on 4th of November, 1947 which was adopted on 26th November 1949 and came into force on 26th January 1950. It took two years, eleven months and eighteen days to draft the constitution of India. Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar is known as the Father of the Indian constitution.

Republic day reminds us of the importance of the constitution established in our country. It also reminds us of the struggle and sacrifices of our freedom fighters for achieving complete Independence. It is because of their struggle that today we are living in a democratic country where each citizen has Right to Equality, Right to Freedom, Right Against Exploitation, Right to Freedom of Religion, etc.

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Celebration of Republic Day

Republic day is celebrated with great pride and happiness all over the nation. On this auspicious occasion, our president hoists the national flag on Rajpath in New Delhi.

It is followed by a 21-gun salute and the national anthem. People from all over the country visit the Rajpath to witness the grand celebration of Republic day. The first President who hoisted the flag ceremony was Dr. Rajendra Prasad. 

Schools, Colleges, Government offices and private organizations celebrate this day with great pomp and show. In school and colleges, students celebrate this day by participating in various events like parades, flag hoisting, speech competitions and various cultural programmes. Many schools also distribute Sweets to students. 


Republic Day is celebrated with much enthusiasm in India, and we should remember the long journey to freedom and the struggles of our forefathers to transform the country into a sovereign nation. It is a day for all Indians to celebrate the essence of liberty and help India accomplish its freedom fighters’ dreams. In celebration of Republic Day, citizens are encouraged to display their patriotism and pride. The students pledge to live as good citizens and help make their country a happier and more peaceful one. Republic day gives the message of unity, harmony and equality. It is a very proud day for all the citizens of India.

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