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Story Writing

Story – 1

Story Outlines: An old farmer had four sons – all good for nothing – the farmer on his deathbed – summons his sons – tells them that a considerable amount of treasure lies buried in the long neglected fields – then his breath fails – the farmer dies – the sons at work in the fields – dig hard – rains come – sow the seeds – a rich harvest – get the treasure now.

Title: The Idle Sons

Full Story: Once upon a time, there lived an old farmer with his four sons in the countryside. He was a hardworking man and had a prosperous life. But, as he approached old age, he was unable to work as hard as before. Unfortunately, all his sons were very idle and had never gone to the fields. The old man thought of a plan to teach them the value of work. When, one day, he was on his deathbed, he summoned all of them. He told them that a considerable amount of treasure lies buried in his long neglected fields. Then his breath fails and he dies. The sons immediately went to the fields and began digging hard to find out the hidden treasure. But they couldn’t find anything. Then the rains come. They sowed seeds on the tilled soil. That year they had a rich harvest. They understood that, that was the real treasure.
Moral: Work is life, life is work.

Story- 2

Story Outlines: A man picked up a purse from the road – inside he found a lot of money – also a card with the owner’s address – he returned the purse to the owner – the owner offered him reward – the man only said, “I have done my duty”.

Title: The Honest Man

Full Story: One day, a man namely Dinesh was walking by the road to the nearby market. Suddenly he saw something lying on the road. When he picked it up, he saw that it was a purse. The purse contained five thousand rupees and an address card inside it. But he was not interested in having the money for himself. He found out the owner’s house and returned him the purse. The owner was happy at getting back the money and astonished at the man’s honesty. He offered the man a thousand rupees for his help. But the man denied the offer saying that he had just done his duty.
Moral: Honesty is the best policy.

Story- 3

Story Outlines: A fine day in summer – school closed – some boys go for playing near a stream – begin to play – one slips and falls into the water – none knows how to swim – request a passersby to save the boy – the passersby rescues the boy – he tells them to learn swimming.

Title: An Untoward Incident

Full Story: It was a fine day in summer. School was closed due to summer vacation. Ratul and his close friends Arun, Abdul, Ibrahim and Manab planned to go near a stream in the next village. They began playing “gilli danda” with much fun and frolic. Then suddenly an untoward incident happened. Ibrahim slipped his legs and fell straight into the stream. He didn’t know how to swim, nor did anyone of them. The undercurrent was pulling him down and he was just waving his hand. Incidentally, a passerby was passing by the road. They saw him and requested him to save their friend from drowning. The passersby jumped into the stream, swam and dived into the water and pulled Ibrahim out of water. All the boys thanked him. He suggested to them that they should learn the skill of swimming.
Moral: The careful never fall in trouble.

Story- 4

Story Outlines: A house catches fire – people try to put out the fire with buckets of water, sand etc. – they fail – the fire spread – people feel nervous and helpless – a small boy runs to a neighbour’s house – rings up the fire brigade – the fire is put out – people praise the boy’s presence of mind.

Title: Presence of Mind

Full Story: In a certain locality in Guwahati city, a house catches fire after a gas cylinder had exploded. People nearby rushed there to put out the fire with buckets of water, sand etc. But they failed. The fire was spreading to nearby houses due to the wind. People felt nervous and helpless. Then, a small boy was seen running to a neighbour’s house. He picked up the telephone and rang up the fire brigade. The fire brigade arrived within a short time and put out the fire. All the people present there praised the small boy’s presence of mind.
Moral: We should not lose our cool at times of distress.

Story – 5

Story Outlines: A hare laughs at a tortoise for his slow walk – tortoise challenge him to run a race – race began – hare moved fast – stopped midway – took rest – the tortoise walked on – it won the race – moral.

Title: A Challenging Race

Full Story: Once upon a time there lived a hare in a certain jungle who was very proud of his swiftness. One day, when he was hopping by a grassland he saw a tortoise walking very slowly and couldn’t help himself laughing. He made insulting comments on the tortoise. The tortoise got very angry and challenged the hare to run a race. The hare laughed to his heart’s content once again and accepted the challenge. On the appointed day the race began. The hare hopped quite fast and moved far ahead. But the tortoise walked slowly and steadily. The hare thought that he should not waste his energy by running fast. He lied down under a tree to take rest. But, unfortunately, he fell in deep sleep. In the meantime, the tortoise walked on and finally reached the destination. When the hare got up, he was tense and ran faster and faster. But he found the tortoise already at the destination and was very ashamed.
Moral: Slow and steady wins the race.

Story- 6

Story Outlines: A railway bridge gives way during heavy rains – a boy sees a train approaching the bridge – stands on the track in spite of the warning whistles and waves his red shirt – prevents the accident – rewarded for his bravery.

Title: An Act of Bravery

Full Story: Rahim gets up early every morning and brushes his teeth standing on the railway track. It was his daily habit. One morning, while he was standing on the track, he noticed that the railway track had given way a few yards ahead on the railway bridge due to heavy rains. After a few while, he saw the daily Intercity Express train was approaching the bridge. He immediately removed his red shirt and began waving it standing on the track in spite of the warning whistles. The train halted. The locomotive driver got off and saw the precarious condition of the track. He thanked Rahim for his bravery and presence of mind. Later, the railway department rewarded him.
Moral: Fortune favours the brave.

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Story- 7

Story Outlines: A king tried to recover his kingdom from his enemy – but failed – fled into a cave – saw a spider trying to climb – it failed – but it did not give up attempt – the king was encouraged – went back and tried again and again – succeeded.

Title: The King Regained His Kingdom

Full Story: Once upon a time, there lived a righteous king named Arya Gupta in his large kingdom. But, unfortunately, he was defeated in a battle by King Zahir Shah of the nearby kingdom. He tried to recover his kingdom from his enemy, but failed. He had to retreat and hide in a cave. Inside the cave, he was sitting and thinking gloomily over his defeat. Then, he noticed a spider making a web, but failing each time it tries to climb. But the spider did not give up, and ultimately it succeeded. This small incident greatly encouraged the king. He went back to fight with his enemy again. He tried again and again like the spider and finally could recover his kingdom.
Moral: Failure is the pillar of success.

Story- 8

Story Outlines: An old farmer – his sons were quarrelsome – on his deathbed – called his sons – gave each a bundle of stick to break – they all failed – untied the bundle – broken easily – value of unity.

Title: The Old Farmer and His Quarrelsome Sons

Full Story: There lived an old farmer in a certain village. He had four sons who were very quarrelsome. That is why he was too worried about them because they may go to any extent after his death. One day, he was too sick and was lying on his deathbed. He called all of his sons. When they came, he told them to bring a bundle of sticks. They did so. Then, he asked each of them to take the bundle and break it. They tried but failed. Then, he asked one of them to untie the bundle and break each stick. The sticks got broken easily. He requested his sons to remain united like the bundle of sticks, or else anyone can harm them easily. They learnt the value of unity.
Moral: Unity is strength.

Story- 9

Story Outlines: An ass carrying a load of salt – passes through a stream – falls – loses load – next day the master loads it with a a sponge – again falls – the sponge soaks a good deal of was water – becomes heavy – the ass learns a lesson.

Title: Wicked Ass Learns a Lesson

Full Story: A merchant named Chand Saudagar used to go to the market daily along with his pet ass. One day, he loaded it with salt to sell in the market. On the way, he had to cross a small bridge over a stream. That day, the ass accidentally fell into the stream. The salt on his back melted in water and the load lessened. Another day, the ass willingly jumped into the stream. The master understood his trick. The next day, the master loaded it with sponge. This time too the ass fell into the stream. The sponge on his back soaked much water and became unbearably heavy. The ass could somehow save its life. It learnt a good lesson.
Moral: Knowledge is power

Story- 10

Story Outlines: Two friends travelling through a forest – a bear coming towards them – one climbs up a tree – the other fell flat as dead – bear smelt his body and left him unhurt – the first came down – asked what the bear had whispered into his ears.

Title: Narrow Escape From Death

Full Story: Nandan and Akhil were close friends. One day, they planned to go into the nearby forest just for pleasure. When they were travelling, they suddenly confronted a grizzly bear. Nandan jumped back and climbed a tree. But, Akhil didn’t know how to climb trees. He suddenly remembered that he had read about bears in his textbook and that bears don’t eat carcasses or deadbodies. He immediately fell flat on the ground as dead. The bear came near him, smelled him all over and left him unhurt. Nandan came down from the tree surprised. He asked Akhil what the bear had whispered into his ears. He said, “A Friend in need’s a friend indeed.”
Moral: A Friend in need’s a friend indeed.

Story- 11

Story Outlines: A beggar pretends to be dumb – approaches a gentleman for money – another beggar comes and tells the gentleman that the first beggar is not dumb – the first beggar gets angry and calls the other beggar a liar.

Title: Pretending Beggar Gets Caught

Full Story: A beggar named Rehman used to sit in a corner of the Mosque Street begging for alms. One rainy day, he begged till noon but couldn’t gather much alms. Then, a trick quickly got into his wicked mind. He began pretending to be dumb. After some time, a gentleman was seen passing through that street. He saw the ‘dumb’ beggar, became sympathetic and handed him a banknote of a hundred rupees. Another beggar named Abdul, who was begging on the opposite side of the road, noticed this and grew jealous. He approached the gentleman and told him the real fact. Rehman grew angry at this and called Abdul a liar. The gentleman immediately understood who was lying. He caught hold of the pretending beggar Rehman and handed him over to police.
Moral: Too much cunning overreaches itself.
OR: A very cunning fellow seldom wins.

Story- 12

Story Outlines: A rich man’s watch stolen by servants – gives each servant a stick of equal length saying, “the thief’s stick will grow an inch longer tomorrow” – the thief cuts an inch from the stick – is caught.

Title: An Idiotic Thief’s Plight

Full Story: There lived a landlord named Sri Suryakanta in a certain province in Bengal. He had nearly fifty servants to look after his household. One day, while the landlord was away for pilgrimage for a month, one of his servants stole his precious wrist watch kept on his table. The watch was a gift from the King of Mysore. The landlord can’t afford losing it. When the landlord returned, he was furious over not finding his watch at his home. He doubted that one of his servants must have done that. He made a plan. He gave each of the servants a stick of equal length saying, “The thief’s stick will grow an inch longer tomorrow”. The thief was full of stress at the thought of getting caught. He cut an inch from the stick that night. The next day, the landlord checked the sticks given to the servants and found one stick short by an inch. He identified the thief immediately and caught him. The thief got severe punishment.
Moral: Dishonesty is the worst policy.

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Story- 13

Story Outlines: A good boy – disobeys his parents – gets into bad company – father gives him some good apples – tells to lay them aside for a few days – places among them a rotten apple – it spoils the good ones – a lesson on bad company.

Title: A Rotten Apple Spoils the Good Ones

Full Story: Latif was a sincere, punctual, studious, and obedient boy. His parents were proud of him. He showed brilliant performance in the matriculation examination. He was admitted in a renowned college at his town. Within some weeks of attending college, he came in contact with some bad boys who had the habits of smoking, drinking, fighting and using foul language. Latif began to accompany them and follow their life of freedom. His marks in the examinations began deteriorating. His father noticed this and grew tense. He identified the reason and wanted to teach his son through examples rather than words. He called him in one day. He gave him some good apples and told him to lay them aside. Then he places among them a rotten apple. The rotten apple spoiled the good ones within a few days. The father called his son again and showed it to him. Latif understood the underlying message. He repented for his misdeeds and promised to leave bad company.
Moral: We should stay away from bad company.

Story- 14

Story Outlines: A Brahmin was carrying a goat – three knaves made a plan – stayed at three different places – each called the goat a dog – the Brahmin threw away the goat.

Title: Three Knaves Fool a Brahmin

Full Story: One day, a Brahmin named Vishwanath Sharma set out for the livestock market at a distance of about 10 kilometres to sell off his goat. Three knaves saw the Brahmin and presumed him to be an idiotic person. They made a plan to get the goat with trickery. They moved faster than him and stayed at different places. When he passed by the first knave, he commented – “My goodness! A Brahmin is carrying a dog!” He ignored his comment and moved on. Going some distance further, another knave commented the same. He became doubtful, but moved on. The third knave made the same comment and laughed heartily. The Brahmin became confirmed that the animal on his back is not a goat, but a dog. He threw away the goat and returned back. Thus, the three knaves took the goat away happily.
Moral: Never believe a stranger fully.

Story- 15

Story Outlines: A dog was crossing a stream – a piece of flesh in his mouth – saw another dog with a piece of flesh in the water – became greedy – opened his mouth – lost his piece of flesh.

Title: Greedy Dog Loses His Piece of Flesh

Full Story: One day, a dog was crossing a stream. He had a piece of flesh in his mouth snatched from another dog. As he was crossing, he looked down on the water and saw another dog with a piece of flesh. It was, in fact, his own reflection. But he thought it to be another dog. He became greedy and wanted to have that piece of flesh too. He opened his mouth to bark. But as soon as he opened his mouth, the piece of flesh fell down into the water. He lost his own piece of meat in his attempt at getting more.
Moral: We should be complacent with what we have.

Story- 16

Story Outlines: A crow lived on a tree – a snake lived in a hole at the foot – it ate up the crow’s young ones – the crow stole the necklace of the prince – dropped it into the snake’s hole – the King’s men found it – dug into the hole – snake killed.

Title: Intelligent Crow Gets a Snake Killed

Full Story: There lived a crow on a tree in a certain forest with its nestlings. A snake too lived in a hole at the foot. One day, while the crow was away to collect food for its young ones, the snake took the opportunity and entered the crow’s nest. It ate up all the nestlings. The crow was deeply upset at this. It thought of a plan to get the snake killed by others. It flew to the prince’s room in a castle and took away his precious necklace. The King’s men began chasing it. It dropped the necklace into the snake’s hole. The men dug into the hole and saw the snake near the necklace. They beat the snake to death and recovered the necklace.
Moral: What can not be done with might can be done with intelligence.

Story- 17

Story Outlines: A bus with too many passengers – some are standing – the bus moves very fast – it turns in a corner – an old woman who is standing, loses her balance – she is about to fall – a boy stands up and helps her – offers her his own seat.

Title: The Virtuous Boy

Full Story: A minibus was on its way from Khanapara to Adabari. It was full of passengers. Many of them were standing. Aminul could somehow get a seat. The bus was moving very fast. Near Paltan Bazar, the bus takes a sharp turn at full speed. It luckily didn’t overturn. An old woman who was standing inside the bus lost her balance and was about to fall. Aminul didn’t lose a single second. He stood up and grabbed the old woman by her hands. Then, he offered her his seat. The old lady was very much pleased with the help and behavior of Aminul. She gave him her address and contact number to contact later.
Moral: If you help others, then they will also help you.
OR: Honesty is the best policy.

Story- 18

Story Outlines: A boy sees a thief coming with a bag full of stolen goods – begins crying – says, his gold chain has fallen into the well – the thief gets down – the boy runs away with the bag – result.

Title: The Clever Boy

Full Story: One day, a young clever boy named Ramanujan was roaming around the streets. Suddenly, he saw a thief coming with a bag full of stolen goods. He was too weak to catch them. So he made a plan. He started crying loudly saying, “Please someone help me. My gold chain has fallen down into the well”. The thief thought that he can easily have that gold chain too. So he got down into the well. Just then, the boy removed the rope from the well and ran away with the bag towards the police station. Police came and got the thief out of the well. Everyone praised the boy’s presence of mind.
Moral: What can not be done with might can be done with intelligence.

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Story- 19

Story Outlines: A wolf sees sheep grazing – dare not attack for fear of dogs – wolf plans – puts on sheep’s skin – gets mixed up with the flock – sheep bleat – wolf tries to bleat – only howls – detected – killed by the dogs.

Title: Sinister Wolf Gets Caught

Full Story: A wolf used to look at a flock of sheep grazing at the edge of a jungle. But it dared not attack these for fear of dogs. Not having been able to resist its greed, the wolf made a plan. It put on sheep’s skin and got mixed up with the flock. Whenever the sheep bleated, the wolf was apprehensive of getting caught. So it wanted to mimic their bleeting. But it only howled while trying to bleat. The dogs detected the pretending ‘sheep’ and killed it.
Moral: Greed leads us to destruction.

Story- 20

Story Outlines: A boy was fishing in a river – a child was playing on the bank – the child suddenly fell into the river – the boy jumped and rescued him – the grateful parents and the villagers praised the boy.

Title: The Rescue of a Child

Full Story: One day, a boy named Partha Pratim was fishing in the river Dhansiri. It was his daily pastime. A child from his neighbourhood was also playing near him on the bank. All of a sudden, the child slipped its feet and fell into the river. The undercurrent pulled the child down. Partha did not lose a moment and straightaway dived into the river. After some search, he could find the child out. The child was rescued in a state of unconsciousness. It regained sense after some time. The parents of the child were very grateful to Partha. They blessed Partha for risking his life to save their son’s life. The villagers praised the boy too.
Moral: Courage matters

Story 21

Story Outlines: A fox fell into a well – unable to get out of it – a goat passing by the well – the fox praising the sweetness of the water – the goat was invited – jumped into the well – the fox leapt upon the goat and got out – the goat remained in the well.

Title: The Cunning Fox and the Stupid Goat

Full Story: One day, a fox was wandering in search of food. It came across a well and peeped into it. But unluckily, it fell into it. There was, however, no water inside. It was not too deep. Yet, the fox couldn’t get out of it. With the passage of time, the fox grew tense. He could hear a goat passing by the well. He began praising the sweetness of the water. The goat peeped in. The fox invited the goat to taste the water. The goat got persuaded and jumped into the well. As soon as the goat was in, the fox leapt upon it and got out. The goat remained in the well bleating.
Moral: Intelligence is power.

Story- 22

Story Outlines: A hungry fox sees a crow with a piece of bread – wishes to take the piece of bread – hits upon a plan – praises the crow – sweet voice – persuades to sing – piece of bread falls – the fox takes it up – goes away.
Or, A hungry fox – sees a crow with a piece of meat – wishes to have it – praises the crow – asks the crow to sing – the crow sings – the piece of meat falls down – the fox picks it up and walks away.

Title: The Cunning Fox and the Stupid Crow

Full Story: One day, a hungry fox was wandering in search of food. It hadn’t eaten anything since the past three days. Suddenly, it caught sight of a crow with a piece of bread/meat in its beak. It wished to have the piece of bread/meat. It hit upon a plan. It praised the crow saying that it had a sweet voice. It persuaded the crow to sing a song. As soon as the crow opened its beak to sing, the piece of bread/meat fell down on the ground. The fox took/picked it up and went/walked away merrily.
Moral: Never believe a stranger fully.

Story- 23

Story Outlines: Six fools start on a journey – cross a river – count themselves each – not counting himself – counts five – a passerby agrees to produce the lost man – gives a blow on each head – counts six.

Title: The Six Fools

Full Story: One day, six fools from a certain village set out for pilgrimage. On their way, they had to cross a river swimming. After crossing the river, one of them counted them, not counting himself. He counted five. They were very upset at losing one of them. To be sure, each one of them counted again in the same way that the first one did and counted five. They informed the matter to a passerby. The passerby was amused at their stupidity. He agreed to produce the lost man. He took a stick and gave a blow on each head until he counted six. The six fools thanked him again and again for producing the lost man ‘miraculously’.
Moral: The stupids are a stock of laughter.

Story- 24

Story Outlines: A farmer went to market – saw a goose – took home – lays golden eggs – farmer’s wife greedy – asks farmer to cut open – farmer becomes sad.

Title: The Goose Laying Golden Eggs

Full Story: Once upon a time, there lived a farmer with his wife in a countryside farmhouse. One day, he went to the nearby weekly market. While shopping, he saw a goose and bought it. When the goose was brought home, they were amazed to see that the goose laid a golden egg. Every day, thereafter, the goose used to lay a golden egg. The farmer’s family was becoming rich day by day. The farmer’s wife was too greedy. One day, she thought of cutting open the goose and have all the golden eggs instantly. She told her husband about her wish. The farmer agreed and cut the goose open. But it had no golden egg inside. The farmer becomes very sad.
Moral: Greed Leads to Loss.

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