SEBA Rank Holders List 2011

SEBA Rank Holders List 2011 – Check Assam HSLC Top 20 Toppers List of 2011

We are delighted to congratulate the Top 20 Toppers of the 2011 HSLC examination who have secured their places on the SEBA Rank Holders List 2011. Their outstanding achievement is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and intelligence. Their success is a source of pride not only for themselves, but also for their families, teachers, and friends. Perhaps that is why they were able to become the Top 20 SEBA Rank Holders List of the HSLC examination in 2011.

In this article, We will explore the details of the SEBA Rank Holders List 2011 of Assam Class 10th Top 20 Toppers List of the 2011 HSLC examination conducted by SEBA, including their Name, Rank, Roll No, School Name and District. Before that, familiarize yourself with SEBA.

Read a Brief Summary of SEBA Board

The Secondary Education Board of Assam, best known as SEBA, is the state board that conducts the High School Leaving Certificate (HSLC) examination every year for students studying in schools affiliated to SEBA.

The HSLC examination is conducted for the subjects of English, Assamese, Mathematics, Social Science, General Science, Arabic, Geography, Sanskrit, Wood Craft, Hindi, Computer Science and others elective subject. Lakhs of students from diverse ethnic groups across Assam take the exam every years.

Name of BoardSecondary Education Board of Assam (SEBA)
Name of Class10th Standard
Name of ExamHigh School Leaving Certificate (HSLC)
Type of ResultsTop 20 HSLC Toppers List 2011/ SEBA Rank Holders List 2011
SourceSEBA Official Website
Official Website

List of Top 20 HSLC Toppers 2011 (SEBA)

The meritorious candidates bring glory to their family and countrymen by obtaining the highest marks in the HSLC examination with their hard work and merit, and placing themselves among the SEBA Rank Holders List 2011. Every years, the Names of the Top 20 SEBA Rank Holders or Toppers in the HSLC examination are published by SEBA in the “Merit List of First Ten Ranks”

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SEBA Rank Holders List 2011

The Table below shows the Top 20 Toppers of Assam Class 10th Top 20 Toppers List of the 2011 HSLC examination conducted by SEBA, including their Name, Rank, Roll No, School Name and District.

1stPrakashjoti KalitaB11-04002282011Sankardev Shishu Vidya Niketan,PathsalaBarpeta
2ndMriganka NathB11-38305942011St. Vivekananda Eng Academy,PanduKamrup
3rdAnwesha PhukanB11-22911272011B L Beria Saraswati Shisu MandirDibrugarh
4thSahin AhmedB11-05201962011Bapuji High School,AbhayapuriBongaigaon
Chaminda KhaundB11-68900752011Moran H S School,MoranhatSivasagar
5thTridep DekaB11-56603002011Morigaon Town High SchoolMorigaon
6thHimangshu KalitaB11-42904962011Sankardev Shishu Niketan,RangiaKamrup
Ankita GogoiB11-36000182011Holi Child H.S.School,GuwahatiKamrup
7thTamijuddin AhmedB11-39808332011L M Choudhury Sankardev Shishu Vidya Niketan,ChhaygaonKamrup
8thPijush Kanti NathB11-59402592011Sankardev Bidya Niketan,JamunamukhNagaon
Padmaza TalukdarB11-36002452011St. Mary’s H.S.School,Guwahati-3Kamrup
Boranya SaikiaB11-27304992011Kristo Jyoti High School,BokakhatGolaghat
Joydeep MedhiB11-60806732011Sankardev Sishu Bidya Niketan,HaiborgaonNagaon
9thDibangana MohanB11-68901622011Moran H.S.School,MoranhatSivasagar
Ankur Jyoti DasB11-74206172011Sacred Heart School,TezpurSonitpur
Dishna PhukanB11-36000512011Holi Child H.S.School,GuwahatiKamrup
Debarshi NathB11-37803032011Disney Land High School,KhanaparaKamrup
Phulkumar NathB11-39102252011Udayan Santi Niketan, BezeraKamrup
Nabab Fazlur IslamB11-39102242011Udayan Santi Niketan, BezeraKamrup
Bhagyashree DekaB11-40300622011Dagaon High School,Kamrup
10thPriyam SaikiaB11-60803842011Christjyoti School,NagaonNagaon
Deboraj BorahB11-35903812011Axam Jatiya Vidyalaya,NoonmatiKamrup
Dorothy GargoB11-70305532011Little Star School,Biswanath CharialiSonitpur
Plabita SarmahB11-60905612011Govt. Urban High School,Nagaon
Suman Shekhar SarmaB11-05003172011Al Ameen Academy,KalgachiaBarpeta
11thAlfred BaruahB11-52701332011St. Mary’s H.S.School,North LakhimpurLakhimpur
Manash Pratim ChoudhuryB11-50801212011Dhakuakhana H.S.SchoolLakhimpur
Pranjit BharaliB11-43302312011Sankardev Vidya Niketan,RamdiaKamrup
Tanmoy DekaB11-38301482011Rly H.S.School,MaligaonKamrup
12thPrince Vibek BaruahB11-52701642011St. Mary’s High School,North LakhimpurLakhimpur
Hritwika PathakB11-05003242011Al Ameen Academy,KalgachiaBarpeta
Lalpajyoti MoranB11-23204212011St. Xavier’s H.S.School, DuliajanDibrugarh
Rishabh SarmaB11-71305352011Little Star School,Biswanath CharialiSonitpur
Anirban ChatterjeeB11-74204402011Don Bosco High School,TezpurSonitpur
13thPriya DuttaB11-05605652011Ramswaroop A M Eng SchoolUdalguri
Bibhab GoswamiB11-00301112011G N Bordoloi Memorial H.SchoolBarpeta
Karishma DasB11-38305182011St. Mary’s Eng H School,MaligaonKamrup
Biswajit SarmaB11-39102062011Udayan Santi Niketan, BezeraKamrup
Dhanjit DekaB11-35903872011Axam Jatiya Vidyalaya,NoonmatiKamrup
14thSomesh SahaB11-26106212011Sankardev Shishu Bidya Niketan,DhupdharaGoalpara
Arindam KalitaB11-52701372011St. Mary’s High School,North LakhimpurLakhimpur
Bikram BezbaruahB11-65600422011Tihu High School, TihuNalbari
Saugat DeyB11-13004602011Holy Cross School,SilcharCachar
15thMadhurjya NathB11-38305902011St. Vivekananda Eng Academy,PanduKamrup
Dipankarjyoti BoraB11-28003222011Sishu Bharati E M High SchoolGolaghat
16thNipasha MahantaB11-36002442011St. Mary’s H.S.School,Guwahati-3Kamrup
Abhinash Kashyap BorahB11-52701282011St. Mary’s High School,North LakhimpurLakhimpur
Arnab Jyoti BhuyanB11-51000012011Dhalpur H.S.School,DhalpurLakhimpur
Amlanjyoti DewryB11-07904902011Sankardev Shishu Niketan,KumarikataBaksa
Abinash MedhiB11-04000032011Bajali H.S.School,PathsalaBarpeta
17thRajdeep ParasharB11-62701902011Sankardev Shishu Bidya Niketan,BarbhagNalbari
Anup Kumar KalitaB11-42904732011Sankardev Shishu Niketan,RangiaKamrup
Poulami BanerjeeB11-36002512011St. Marry’s H.S.School,Guwahati-3Kamrup
Ashay AgarwallaB11-28003192011Shishu Bharati E M High SchoolGolaghat
18thPinak jyoti DekaB11-32805492011Spring Dale High School,JorhatJorhat
Jayashri BhuyanB11-32709282011Jonaki Sangha Vidyalay, JorhatJorhat
Ameet Kumar DekaB11-35702932011Little Flower School.HatigaonKamrup
Nilotpal SaikiaB11-60804932011Nowgaon Misson High SchoolNagaon
Saranga HazarikaB11-74205542011Don Bosco High School,TezpurSonitpur
Tonmoy KaushikB11-74205692011Don Bosco High School,TezpurSonitpur
Simanta PatgiriB11-04002322011Sankardev Shishu Vidya Niketan,PathsalaBarpeta
Washim YuhanaB11-14504702011Bethel Baptish Mission SchoolBhubri
19thDharitree SarmaB11-65005662011Ananda Vidya Niketan, Gopal BazarNalbari
Tanvi PaulB11-56503352011Muhila Home model SchoolMorigaon
Rituparna HazarikaB11-52701002011North Lakhimpur Govt. H.S.SchoolLakhimpur
Mnriganka Kashyap SarmahB11-39102192011Udayan Santi Niketan, BezeraKamrup
Mrigakshee SarmahB11-36000772011Holi Child H.S.School,GuwahatiKamrup
20thHimakhi DasB11-36002122011St.Mary’s H.S.School,GuwahatiKamrup
Bibhuti HandiqueB11-69603552011Sophy Mercy Memorial SchoolSivasagar
Nishartha SarmaB11-04002252011Sankardev Shishu Vidya Niketan,PathsalaBarpeta
Benu Madhab ChangmaiB11-06203912011Bongaigaon High School (E M)Bongaigaon

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Assam Class 10th SEBA Rank Holders List 2011 is an inspiration to the next generation. They will have access to better education, healthcare and technology than ever before. They will also be more environmentally conscious, tolerant, and entrepreneurial.

They will have the opportunity to learn and grow in ways that were not possible for previous generations. We must ensure that they have access to the resources they need to succeed, and that they are taught the values that will make them positive contributors to society.

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