SEBA Rank Holders List 2007

SEBA Rank Holders List 2007 – Check Assam HSLC Top 20 Toppers List of 2007

We are delighted to congratulate the Top 20 Toppers of the 2007 HSLC examination who have secured their places on the SEBA Rank Holders List 2007. Their outstanding achievement is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and intelligence. Their success is a source of pride not only for themselves, but also for their families, teachers, and friends. Perhaps that is why they were able to become the Top 20 SEBA Rank Holders List of the HSLC examination in 2007.

In this article, We will explore the details of the SEBA Rank Holders List 2007 of Assam Class 10th Top 20 Toppers List of the 2007 HSLC examination conducted by SEBA, including their Name, Rank, Roll No, School Name and District. Before that, familiarize yourself with SEBA.

Read a Brief Summary of SEBA Board

The Secondary Education Board of Assam, best known as SEBA, is the state board that conducts the High School Leaving Certificate (HSLC) examination every year for students studying in schools affiliated to SEBA.

The HSLC examination is conducted for the subjects of English, Assamese, Mathematics, Social Science, General Science, Arabic, Geography, Sanskrit, Wood Craft, Hindi, Computer Science and others elective subject. Lakhs of students from diverse ethnic groups across Assam take the exam every years.

Name of BoardSecondary Education Board of Assam (SEBA)
Name of Class10th Standard
Name of ExamHigh School Leaving Certificate (HSLC)
Type of ResultsTop 20 HSLC Toppers List 2007/ SEBA Rank Holders List 2007
SourceSEBA Official Website
Official Website

List of Top 20 HSLC Toppers 2007 (SEBA)

The meritorious candidates bring glory to their family and countrymen by obtaining the highest marks in the HSLC examination with their hard work and merit, and placing themselves among the SEBA Rank Holders List 2007. Every years, the Names of the Top 20 SEBA Rank Holders or Toppers in the HSLC examination are published by SEBA in the “Merit List of First Ten Ranks”

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SEBA Rank Holders List 2007

The Table below shows the Top 20 Toppers of Assam Class 10th Top 20 Toppers List of the 2007 HSLC examination conducted by SEBA, including their Name, Rank, Roll No, School Name and District.

1stFarhana Anjumch HassanB07-32109722007Don Bosco High School, JorhatJorhat
2ndBiman KalitaB07-36903262007Axam Jatiya Vidyalay GuwahatiKamrup
Purnabrat KashyapB07-42201992007Shankardev Vidy Niketan, RamdiaKamrup
3rdRamyani ChakrabartyB07-12904442007Holy Cross School, SilcharCachar
4thChampakjyoti RajbangshiB07-63600932007Dahudi High SchoolNalbaari
5thMaushumi DeoriB07-20303052007S. F. S. School, DhemajiDhemaji
6thTsangpouit KashyapB07-27503582007Don Bosco High School, DergaonGolaghart
Vikash BhattarB07-27503602007Don Bosco High School, DergaonGolaghart
Paldeep DasB07-23704772007St. Marys High School,Dibrugarh
7thPadmanabh BaruahB07-58903812007Chrish Jyoti SchoolNagaon
Manisha SinhaB07-39101762007G. B. N. Academy JalukbariKamrup
Manoj SwargiaryB07-06802702007St. Johns High School, BarmaBaksa
8thNaznin AhmedB07-68304032007St. Josephs School, SonariSivasagar
Tanmoy SharmaB07-69303522007Axam Jatiya Vidyalay GuwahatiKamrup
9thAvradeep BhowmikB07-38002032007Don Bosco High SchoolKamrup
Anasuya BhargavB07-35600812007Bamundi High School, BamundiKamrup
Chandrim PaulB07-12906022007South Point High School, SilcharCachar
10thPragyan Pratim HazarikaB07-38002792007Don Bosco High SchoolKamrup
11thDiplina PaulB07-12904292007Holy Cross School, SilcharCachar
Jayasri MedhiB07-05309112007Sankardev BidyaniketonBongaigaon
12thPooja KonwarB07-22903132007Little Flower School, DibrugarhDibrugarh
Kaushik RoyB07-14304312007S. P. English Medium High School, DhubriDhubri
Tannishtha SomB07-12904602007Holy Cross School, SilcharCachar
Kaushik TalukdarB07-35100922007Sailendra Kr. Dutta High School, BezeraKamrup
Bhargobjyoti SaikiaB07-32903562007St. Antonys High SchoolJorhat
Namikha SaikiaB07-22905062007St. Marys School, DibrugarhDibrugarh
13thJabir HussainB07-12903932007Holy Cross School, SilcharCachar
Prerona DasB07-22903182007Little Flower School, DibrugarhDibrugarh
Rajarshi ChakrabortyB07-37502312007Happy Child High SchoolKamrup
Rishav DewanB07-37501532007St. Stephens School, GuwahatiKamrup
Prabal BarmanB07-38002782007Don Bosco High School, GuwahatiKamrup
Rupam Sindhu KalitaB07-42702322007Angels English SchoolKamrup
Sultana Shahnaz Zabin TalukderB07-57410962007Jatiya Vidyalaya, HojaiNagaon
Chandana OjahB07-01402332007J R P Girls High SchoolBarpeta
Murchana BaruahB07-73503672007St. St.ephens School, TinsukiaTinsukia
14thHreedish KakotyB07-36903372007Axam Jatiya Vidyalay, GuwahatiKamrup
Manabesh NathB07-12907412007Silchar Collegiate School, SilcharCachar
Subhankur DuttaB07-27503542007Don Bosco High School DergaonGolaghart
Jaya Rani DasB07-25501072007Centra girls High School, GoalparaGoalpara
15thShaole ChoudhuryB07-12904492007Holy Cross School, SilcharCachar
Bhaskarjyoti SarmaB07-39303622007Shankardev Sishu Niketan, kararaKamrup
Dhruba Jyoti DekaB07-38000402007Cotton Collegiate Govt. H. S. School, GuwahatiKamrup
Parveez RahmanB07-38002762007Don Bosco High School, GuwahatiKamrup
Tanuja MorangB07-71903662007Govt. Girls H. S. & M. P. School, TezpurSonitpur
16thIndusmita BoraB07-59201212007Puranigudam Girls High School,Nagaon
Smita SarmaB07-05309232007Sankardev BidyaniketanBongaigaon
Purabi KalitaB07-43001272007Shankardev BidyaniketanKamrup
17thArindam PaulB07-37501412007St. St.ephens School, GuwahatiKamrup
Sangeeta RoyB07-12904482007Holy Cross School, SilcharCachar
Anurag DasB07-22700762007Don Bosco SchoolDibrugarh
Meenakshi BorgohainB07-32403062007Balya Niketa, kakajanJorhat
Mimosa SarmaB07-73503642007St. Stephens High Schoo, TinsukiaTinsukia
18thMadhurya Bikash SarmaB07-63104642007Ananda Bidyaniketon High SchoolNalbaari
Mridu Pawan UzirB07-04000442007BaJali Higher Secondary School, PathsalaBarpeta
Swagat BoraB07-26803322007Kristo Jyoti High School,Golaghart
Anindita RoyB07-12910592007Holy Child High School, SilcharCachar
Bhaswati ChoudhuryB07-37001612007St. Marys Endlish High School, GuwahatiKamrup
Pranjit DasB07-38002812007Don Bosco High SchoolKamrup
Anirban HomroyB07-47604582007B. P. C. M. Baby Land Eng Med High SchoolKokrajhar
Ellora DasB07-41506932007Pragjyotish Eng Med High School, GuwahatiKamrup
19thBarnali BarmanB07-36903592007Axam Jatiya Vidyalay, GuwahatiKamrup
Ckakrapani DuttaB07-12903882007Holy Cross School, SilcharCachar
Himshweta GogoiB07-22904922007St. Marys School, DibrugarhDibrugarh
20thJoy Prakash DasB07-22701122007Don Bosco School,Dibrugarh
Bhaskar MahatoB07-14304212007S. P. English Medium High School, DhubriDhubri
Nabarun ChoudhuryB07-14304402007S. P. English Medium High School, DhubriDhubri

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Assam Class 10th SEBA Rank Holders List 2007 is an inspiration to the next generation. They will have access to better education, healthcare and technology than ever before. They will also be more environmentally conscious, tolerant, and entrepreneurial.

They will have the opportunity to learn and grow in ways that were not possible for previous generations. We must ensure that they have access to the resources they need to succeed, and that they are taught the values that will make them positive contributors to society.

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