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The Tale of Custard the Dragon

1. What did Mustard, Ink and Blink do?
(a) ran away
(b) faced the pirate
(c) hid themselves
(d) saved Belinda
Ans: (a) ran away

2. Who was Custard?
(a) dog
(b) kitten
(c) rat
(d) dragon
Ans: (d) dragon

3. Ink trickled down to the _____ of the household.
(a) top
(b) underneath
(c) bottom
(d) outer
Ans: (c) bottom

4. Who is the victim?
(a) mustard
(b) ink
(c) blink
(d) pirate
Ans: (d) pirate

5. Everyone embraced Custard because he had killed the _____.
(a) pirate
(b) boy
(c) man
(d) lion
Ans: (a) pirate

6. Name the poetic device used in the line “And the little yellow dog was sharp as mustard”
(a) Oxymoron
(b) metaphor
(c) Assonance
(d) Simile
Ans: (d) Simile

7. Who cried for help?
(a) Mustard
(b) Ink
(c) Blink
(d) Belinda
Ans: (d) Belinda

8. Belinda was as brave as a group of—
(a) Lion
(b) Tiger
(c) Bear
(d) Elephant
Ans: (c) Bear

9. How does his nose looked like?
(a) scales
(b) chimney
(c) fireplace
(d) spikes
Ans: (b) chimney

10. Who was called cowardly?
(a) Blink
(b) Custard
(c) Ink
(d) Rither
Ans: (b) Custard

11. The pirate had a wooden _____.
(a) Leg
(b) Teeth
(c) Hand
(d) Pistol
Ans: (a) Leg

12. Who saved everyone from the pirate?
(a) kitten
(b) mouse
(c) dragon
(d) dog
Ans: (c) dragon

13. Belinda lived in a little _____ coloured house.
(a) White
(b) Brown
(c) Red
(d) Yellow
Ans: (a) White

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14. Name the bravest creature who saved every body in Belinda’s house?
(a) ink
(b) mustard
(c) blink
(d) custard
Ans: (d) custard

15. Actually the dragon was not _____.
(a) brave
(b) a coward
(c) courageous
(d) weak
Ans: (b) a coward

16. The name of the black kitten was—
(a) Mustard
(b) Ink
(c) Custard
(d) Blink
Ans: (b) Ink

17. Name the rhyme scheme of the stanza.
(a) aaab
(b) abab
(c) aabb
(d) abba
Ans: (c) aabb

18. The rhyme scheme of the stanza is
(a) abba
(b) abab
(c) aabb
(d) abbb
Ans: (c) aabb

19. Which poetic device is used in the above lines, ‘Mouth like a fireplace, chimney for a nose’?
(a) personification
(b) metaphor
(c) simile
(d) alliteration
Ans: (c) simile

20. The pirate attacked the dragon by firing _____ bullets.
(a) 3
(b) 2
(c) 4
(d) 5
Ans: (b) 2

21. Who does ‘him’ stand for in the first line?
(a) pirate
(b) mustard
(c) custard
(d) blink
Ans: (c) custard

22. Which word means the same as ‘culprit’ in the stanza?
(a) licked
(b) embraced
(c) victim
(d) gyrate
Ans: (c) victim

23. Who is the poet of the poem “The tale of Custard the Dragon”?
(a) Carl Sandburg
(b) Ogden Nash
(c) Carolyn Wells
(d) Walt Whitman
Ans: (b) Ogden Nash

24. Who is Belinda?
(a) a lady
(b) a little girl
(c) an old woman
(d) a married woman
Ans: (b) a little girl

25. Which word in the passage means the same as ‘hug’?
(a) gaped
(b) embraced
(c) mourned
(d) gyrate
Ans: (b) embraced

26. Who tickled the dragon?
(a) ink
(b) blink
(c) mustard
(d) Belinda
Ans: (d) Belinda

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27. Where all sat laughing?
(a) in little room
(b) in library
(c) in little red wagon
(d) in study room
Ans: (c) in little red wagon

28. Find the word in the passage that means same as ‘unkind’.
(a) unmerciful
(b) rudely
(c) percival
(d) cowardly
Ans: (a) unmerciful

29. Who did Belinda used to tease?
(a) kitten
(b) mouse
(c) dragon
(d) dog
Ans: (c) dragon

30. What was beneath his body?
(a) spikes
(b) scales
(c) fireplace
(d) chimney
Ans: (b) scales

Very Short Type Questions and Answers (Marks : 1)

1. Where did Belinda live?
Ans: Belinda lived in a little white house.

2. Who were Belinda’s companion?
Ans: Her companion included a little kitten, a grey mouse, a yellow dog and a pet dragon.

3. Who was Custard?
Ans: Custard was Belinda’s pet dragon who lived with Belinda in a little white house.

4. Who are Ink and Blink?
Ans: Ink is the name of a cat and the Blink is a little grey mouse who lived with Belinda in a little white house.

5. Describe the pirate who appeared in Belinda’s house.
Ans: The pirate held a pistol in his left hand and another pistol in right hand and also had a cutlass held tightly between his teeth. His one leg was made of wood.

6. Why did custard jump up?
Ans: Custard jumped up at the sight of the Pirate who had entered the home through the window .

7. Who were the pets of Belinda?
Ans: A kitten, a mouse, a little dog and a dragon were the pets of Belinda.

8. What did the custard cry for?
Ans: Custard cried for a nice and safe cage.

9. How brave was Belinda?
Ans: Belinda was as brave as a barrel full of bears.

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10. Who is Percival?
Ans: Belinda called her pet dragon Percival.

11. What happened to the pirate?
Ans: The custard dragon killed and ate up the pirate.

Short Type Questions and Answers (Marks : 2)

1. What did they do when the dragon swallowed the pirate?
Ans: Custard, the dragon swallowed the pirate. Belinda embraced custard. Mustard licked him and Ink and Blink jumped around him. They were all happy and praised custard.

2. How did the pirate appear before them?
Ans: The pirate appeared before them with pistols in both of his hands. He had a sword in his teeth. His beard was black but his one leg was of wood. He looked evil.

3. Where did Belinda live? Who lived with her?
Ans: Belinda lived in a little white house. Some other animals lived with her. They were a black kitten, a grey mouse, a little yellow dog and a little pet dragon.

4. What sound did they hear one day? How did they react?
Ans: One day they heard the sound of a pirate. Mustard growled and they all looked around. Ink cried, ‘Meowch!’ and Belinda cried, ‘oh! ‘ They were curious to know who made such nasty sound.

5. What did the pirate do when the dragon faced him?
Ans: When the dragon faced the pirate, the pirate looked at him to frighten him. Then he drank some liquor from his pocket flagon. He fired two bullets but they did not hit the dragon.

6. How did the dragon look?
Ans: Custard looked like a real dragon. It had big sharp teeth and spikes on top him and scales underneath. His mouth was like a fireplace and nose was liked a chimney. He also had daggers on his toes.

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