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A Letter to God

Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1. Lencho wrote a letter to—
(a) God
(b) Postmaster
(c) A friend
(d) Village head
Ans: (a) God

2. Lencho’s house was situated—
(a) in a city
(b) in a valley
(c) on the crest a low hill.
(d) on beach
Ans: (c) On the crest a low hill.

3. Lencho’s soul filled with—
(a) tears
(b) sadness
(c) joy
(d) none
Ans: (b) Sadness.

4. The Post master managed—
(a) 100 pesos
(b) 70 pesos
(c) 30 pesos
(d) 75 pesos
Ans: (b) 70 pesos.

5. Lencho had faith in—
(a) God
(b) Postmaster
(c) His sons
(d) His wife
Ans: (a) God.

6. The woman was preparing—
(a) lunch
(b) supper
(c) breakfast
(d) nothing
Ans: (b) Supper.

7. The air was—
(a) fresh and sweet
(b) polluted

(c) dusty
(d) humid
Ans: (a) Fresh and sweet.

8. Rain drops are compared with—
(a) new coins
(b) silver coins
(c) gold coins
(d) 5 Rupees coins
Ans: (a) New coins.

9. What covered the Lencho’s field after hail—
(a) salt
(c) ice
(b) hailstones
(d) none of above
Ans: (b) Ice.

10. The word ‘amiable’ means—
(a) fat
(b) friendly
(c) holy man
(d) serious
Ans: (b) Friendly

11. What the Frozen Pearls are compared with—
(a) pearls
(b) salt
(c) hailstone
(d) none of these
Ans: (c) Hailstone.

12. Lencho predicted—
(a) Rain
(b) Cyclone
(c) Strom
(d) None of above
Ans: (a) Rain.

13. Leacho saw towards North-East—
(a) a temple
(b) a mountain
(c) a mountain of clouds
(d) a valley
Ans: (c) A mountain of clouds.

14. Pesos means—
(a) Latin America
(b) Currency of Latin America
(c) Australian currency
(d) Coins
Ans: (b) Currency of Latin America.

15. Locust is—
(a) a bird

(b) an insect
(c) mountain
(d) none
Ans: (b) An insect.

16. Where was Lencho’s house?
(a) Near the sea
(b) At the top of a hill
(c) At the bottom of a hill
(d) In a valley
Ans: (b) At the top of a hill

17. For Lencho, there was a single hope: help from—
(a) God
(b) Post office
(c) Bank
(d) Landlord
Ans: (a) God

18. Lencho’s field needed ………… for a good harvest.
(a) Manure
(b) Hail
(c) Rain
(d) Ploughing
Ans: (c) Rain

19. What does Lencho call the post office employees?
(a) A bunch of robbers
(b) A bunch of liars
(c) A bunch of fools
(d) A bunch of crooks
Ans: (d) A bunch of crooks

20. A letter to God was written by—
(a) Ruskin Bond.
(b) Lokesh Abrol.
(c) G.L Fuentes.
(d) William Shakespeare
Ans: (c) G.L Fuentes.

Very Short Type Questions and Answers (Marks : 1)

1. Who was Lencho?
Ans: Lencho was a poor farmer who lived with his family on the crest of a low hill.

2. How did Lencho console his family?
Ans: Lencho consoled his family by saying that no one dies of hunger. So they need not to be upset.

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3. What crop was cultivated by Lencho?
Ans: Lencho cultivated corn.

4. What did the crop need before ripening?
Ans: The crop need downpour or a shower before ripening.

5. Who was the woman mentioned in the story?
Ans: The “woman” mentioned in the story was Lencho’s wife.

6. What was prepared by the woman?
Ans: The woman prepared supper for Lencho and their children.

7. What was Lencho’s profession?
Ans: Lencho was a farmer by profession.

8. What happened during the meal?
Ans: Big drops of rain began to fall during the meal.

9. Why did Lencho go out in the rain?
Ans: Lencho went out in the rain to have the pleasure of feeling the rain on his body.

10. What happened to Lencho’s field?
Ans: His fields were totally destroyed by hailstones. The storm left nothing in the cornfield.

11. What did Lencho have faith in?
Ans: Lencho had deep faith in God.

12. To whom did Lencho write a letter?
Ans: Lencho wrote a letter to God asking for a little help.

13. What did Lencho expect in reply to his letter?
Ans: Lencho expected the amount of money he demanded from God.

14. Where did Lencho drop the letter?
Ans: Lencho dropped the letter into the mailbox of the Post office.

15. Did Lencho receive a reply to his letter?
Ans: Yes, Lencho had received a reply to his letter.

16. To whom did the postman give the letter?
Ans: The postman gave the letter to the postmaster.

17. Who read the letter?
Ans: The postmaster read the letter.

18. To whom did the Postmaster ask for money?
Ans: The Post-master asked for money from his employees for an act of charity.

19. When did Lencho come to the post office for the second time?
Ans: Lencho came to the post office again on the following Sunday.

20. When did the very large hailstones begin to fall?
Ans: When suddenly a strong wind began to blow, along with that rain very large hailstones began to fall.

21. Who handed the letter to Lencho?
Ans: The postman himself handed the letter to Lencho.

22. What did Lencho seek when he went up to to the window?
Ans: Lencho asked for paper and ink from the counter.

23. Who reads the letter for the second time?
Ans: The postmaster read the letter for the second time.

24. When was the rain started ?
Ans: The heavy rain began to fall when the Lencho’s family were having the dinner.

25. What did Lencho hope for?
Ans: Lencho hoped for a downpour or atleast a shower to water his ripe corns.

26. How did the rain change?
Ans: A strong wind suddenly began to blow during the rain. And thus the mild rain changed into a hail storm.

27. How did Lencho send the letter?
Ans: Lencho sends the letter through the post office.

28. Who does Lencho think has taken the rest of the money?
Ans: Lencho thought that the employee of the post office had stolen the rest of the money.

29. What did Lencho write on the envelope?
Ans: He wrote ‘To God’ on the envelope.

30. Who is the writer of the prose-piece, “A letter to God”?
Ans: The writer of the prose-piece, “A letter to God” is G. L. Fuentes.

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31. From where one can see the river?
Ans: From the crest of the low hill, where Lencho’s house was situated, one can see the river.

32. When did the big drops of rain begin to fall?
Ans: During the meal, big drops of rain began to fall.

33. From where the huge mountains of clouds could be seen approaching?
Ans: In the north-east, the huge mountains of clouds could be seen approaching.

34. How was the air?
Ans: The air was fresh and sweet.

35. What was the idea that the postmaster came up with?
Ans: The postmaster came up with the idea to answer the letter.

36. How much money did he himself give?
Ans: He himself gave part of his salary.

37. Was Lencho a hard-working man?
Ans: Yes, Lencho was a hard working man.

38. What was the strange thing about Lencho’s letter?
Ans: The strange thing about Lencho’s letter was that he wrote ‘To God’ on the envelope.

39. What did he seek when he went up to the window?
Ans: Lecho went up to the window to ask for paper and ink.

40. Why did Lencho write a second letter to God?
Ans: Lencho wrote a second letter to God because he received less money than his requirement.

41. Where were the older boys working?
Ans: The older boys were working in the field.

42. Where were the smaller boys playing?
Ans: The smaller boys were playing near Lencho’s house.

43. I need a hundred pesos ___ (currency of India/ Spain/Latin Americ.
Ans: Latin America.

44. Send me the rest, since I need it very much. (relax/remaining part/be burie.
Ans: the remaining part.

45. at the “crest‘ of a low (top of a hill/middle/ height).
Ans: top of a hill.

46. was a ‘downpour‘ or at least. (wind /heavy fall of rain/storm).
Ans: a heavy fall of rain.

47. in that ‘solitary‘ house (lonely /Sociable /congested ).
Ans: lonely.

48. fat, ‘amiable‘ fellow(unsociable/ friendly /mannerless)
Ans: friendly

49. experiencing the ‘contentment‘ of a man.(disgust / derision/satisfaction.)
Ans: satisfaction.

50. Lencho was a farmer by profession. (True or false)

51. Lencho had no family of his own. (True or false)
Ans: False.

52. Lencho predicted the rain by looking at the clouds. (True or false)

53. All the corns of Lencho were totally destroyed. (True or false)

54. Lencho had an unshakable faith in God. (True or false)

55. Lencho expects 100 roubles in reply to his letter. (True or false)
Ans: False.

56. The postmaster came to know about Lencho’s unshakable belief in God by opening and reading the letter of Lencho to God. (True or false)
Ans: True.

57. Lencho wrote a second letter to God conveying his thanks to Almighty for fulfilling his wish. (True or false)
Ans: False.

Short Type Questions and Answers (Marks : 2)

1. Why did Lencho write a letter to god?
Ans: Lencho’s crops were totally destroyed in the hailstorm.So he wrote a letter to God to send him 100 pesos so that he and his family can survive from starvation.

2. What happened to Lencho’s fields after the hailstorm?
Ans: After the hailstorm, Lencho’s fields were totally covered with hailstones and all his crops were destroyed completely.

3. What did Lencho write in his letter to God?
Ans: Lencho wrote a letter to God for help. He wrote that his cornfield was completely destroyed by the hailstorm. If God did not send him a hundred Pesos immediately, his family would go hungry.

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4. Why did Lencho write the second letter to God?
Ans: Lencho asked the second letter to God just to get the remaining thirty Pesos. In the letter, he also requested God not to send it through the post office.

5. Was Lencho surprised to find a letter for him with money in it?
Ans: No, Lencho was not surprised to find a letter for him with money in it. Because he had deep faith in God and was confident that God would surely help him.

6. What were the raindrops like, according to Lencho?
Ans: According to Lencho, the raindrops were like new coins. He compared the big drops of rain to ten cent coins and the smaller ones to five cent coins.

7. What was the peculiar thing about Lencho’s house?
Ans: The peculiar thing about Lencho’s house was that it was the only house in the entire valley. It was stood on the crest of a low hill.

8. How was the field looked after rain?
Ans: The field was totally covered with hailstones. The corn was completely destroyed. All the flowers from the plants had fallen.

9. What did the postmaster do in order to not break Lencho’s firm belief in God?
Ans: PostMaster collected some money and put it in an envelope for Lencho in order to not break his firm belief in God.

10. Why did the postmaster send money to Lencho?
Ans: The postmaster sent money to Lencho in order to not break his firm belief in God. He was touched by Lencho’s naivety and his deep faith.

11. Why did The postmaster sign the letter God?
Ans: He signed the letter God to make Lencho believe that it was actually God who sent the money he had requested for.

12. What made Lencho angry?
Ans: Lencho requested God to send him a hundred pesos. But he found only seventy pesos in the envelope. He thought that the employees of the post office had stolen part of the money which made him angry.

13. Where was the house of Lencho situated?
Ans: The house of Lencho was situated in a lonely valley. It was the only one in the entire valley, sitting on the crest of a low hill.

14. “These aren’t raindrops falling from the sky, they are new coins.” Why did Lencho consider the raindrops as ‘new coins’?
Ans: The rain would help Lencho in getting a better harvest, resulting in more money and prosperity. In a manner, it was as if it was raining money. So when the raindrops fell Lencho likened them to new coins of money falling from the sky. He said that the big drops were ten cent coins and the smaller drops were five cent ones.

15. “But don’t send it to me through the mail because the post office employees are a bunch of crooks.” What made Lencho think that the post office employees were a bunch of crooks?
Ans: Lencho requested God to send him hundred pesos but he received only seventy pesos, so he thought that the post office employees had stolen the rest of the money that the god had sent him. So he called the post office employees “a bunch of crooks”.

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