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Tea From Assam

Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1. _____ has the largest concentration of tea plantations in the world.
(a) Darjeeling
(b) Tamil Nadu
(c) Assam
(d) Kerala
Ans: (c) Assam

2. Tea was first drunk in—
(a) China
(b) Russia
(c) England
(d) India
Ans: (a) China

3. That was the —— sprouting period of the year, when they visited tea garden.
(a) Second
(b) Third
(c) First
(d) Fourth
Ans: (a) Second.

4. Rajvir told about the story of —— who was responsible for discovering tea.
(a) Africa emperor
(b) Old scientist
(c) Chinese emperor
(d) British governor
Ans: (c) Chinese emperor.

5. Bodhidharma cut of his —— because it was creating disturbance during meditations.
(a) Hair
(b) Eyelids
(c) Hands
(d) Tea garden
Ans: (b) Eyelids.

6. Dhekiabari Tea Estate was managed by—
(a) Rajvir’s father
(b) Pranjol’s brother
(c) Pranjol’s father
(d) Pranjol’s himself
Ans: (c) Pranjol’s father.

7. —— grew out of the eyelids of Budhidharma.
(a) Bodhi tree
(b) New eyelids
(c) Tea plants
(d) Long hair
Ans: (c) Tea plants.

8. Pranjol asked for —– cup/cups tea from the vendor.
(a) Two
(b) One
(c) Three
(d) Four
(c) Two.

9. Surname of Pranjol was—
(a) Mitra
(b) Sen
(c) Barua
(d) Duta
Ans: (c) Barua.

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10. How many cups of tea are drunk every day throughout the world?
(a) 100 crore
(b) 80 thousand
(c) 80 crore
(d) 90 Lakhs
Ans: (c) 80 crore.

11. Pranjol was travelling with his friend, named—
(a) Rahul
(b) Rajvir
(c) Rishi
(d) Ranvir
Ans: (b) Rajvir.

12. Pranjol was busy reading ——.
(a) Poem
(b) Love story
(c) Travel logy
(d) Detective book
Ans: (d) Detective book.

13. Second sprouting period of the year lasts from—
(a) March to may
(b) May to august
(c) February to April
(d) May to July
Ans: (d) May to July.

14. ——- is known as tea country.
(a) Darjeeling
(b) Kerala
(c) Assam
(d) Nagaland
Ans: (c) Assam.

15. Tea was introduced to Europe in the century.
(a) 16th
(b) Late 12th
(c) 17th
(d) Late 19th
Ans: (a) 16th.

16. The train reached at—
(a) Guwahati
(b) Mariani junction
(c) Maligaon
(d) Madari junction
Ans: (b) Mariani junction.

17. —— were waiting for Pranjol and Rajvir at the platform.
(a) Rajvir’s Parents
(b) Secretary of tourism Co.
(c) Pranjol’s parents
(d) Their friends
Ans: (c) Pranjol parents.

18. Tea was first consumed in—
(a) Japan
(b) China
(c) India
(d) London
Ans: (b) China.

19. Groups of tea puckers are carrying —– on their backs.
(a) Bamboo basker
(b) Cotton bag
(c) Plastic bag
(d) Cutting machine
Ans: (a) Bamboo basker.

20. Rajvir told another story of a Buddhist monk named—
(a) Bodhinanak
(b) Bodhidharm
(c) Dalailama
(d) Viswakarma
Ans: (b) Budhidhrama.

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Very Short Type Questions and Answers (Marks : 1/2)

1. What is Pranjol’s father?
Ans: Pranjol’s father is the manager of Dhekiabari Tea Garden.

2. What was read by Pranjol in the train compartment?
Ans: In the train compartment Pranjol was reading a detective book.

3. Name the place which amounts to the largest concentration of tea plantations in the world.
Ans: Assam has the largest concentration of tea plantations in the world.

4. Who was Bodhidharma?
Ans: Bodhidharma was an ancient Buddhist ascetic.

5. When was tea first drunk in China?
Ans: Tea was first drunk in China as far back as 2700 BC.

6. Name the Tea Garden managed by Mr Barua.
Ans: Dhekiabari Tea Garden is managed by Mr Barua, Pranjol’s father.

7. Name the Railway Junction where Pranjol and his friend finally got off?
Ans: They finally got off at Mariani Junction.

8. Who were waiting for Pranjol and Rajvir at Mariani?
Ans: Pranjol’s parents were waiting for them.

9. What was worn by the Tea Pluckers?
Ans: The tea pluckers wore plastic aprons.

10. What is the sprouting period of Tea plants?
Ans: In Assam the sprouting period of Tea plants is the season from May to July. During this period it yields the best tea.

11. Describe the Chinese legend about tea.
Ans: The Chinese legend is about an Emperor who used to boil water before drinking it. One day a few leaves of a twig burning under the pot fell into the water. It gave a delicious flavour to the water and thus tea was discovered.

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12. Describe the Indian legend about tea.
Ans: The Indian legend is about an ancient Buddhist ascetic named Bodhidharma. He once cut off his eyelids because he felt sleepy during meditations. Tea plants grew out of eyelids. The leaves of these plants when put in hot water and drunk kept sleeping.

13. Describe the tea pluckers in the Tea garden.
Ans: The tea pluckers carried bamboo baskets on their backs and wore plastic aprons. They plucked the newly sprouted leaves from the tea bushes.

14. What magnificent view did Rajvir see outside while going in the train?
Ans: The magnificent view was that of tea bushes spread here and there. The tea bushes spread over a vast area against the backdrop of densely wooded hills. There was a sea of orderly tea bushes under the tall sturdy shade trees.

15. Give a description of the Tea garden.
Ans: On sides of the gravel road of the tea garden were acre upon acre of tea bushes. Tall sturdy shade trees are there amidst the neatly pruned tea bushes. Tea pluckers were plucking the newly sprouted leaves.

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