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The Hack Driver

Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1. Bill suggested the clerk to buy lunch from—
(a) A sweet shop
(b) A restaurant
(c) His friend
(d) His wife
Ans: (d) His wife.

2. The narrator was ready to give the delivery man ______ per hour for helping him to find Lutkins.
(a) Two dollars
(b) One dollar
(c) Two pound
(d) One pound
Ans: (a) Two dollars.

3. Bill offered to go to ______ enjoy their lunch with a nice view.
(a) Wade’s Hill
(b) Clifton Hill
(c) Zurich Hill
(d) Wekies Hill
Ans: (a) Wede’s Hill.

4. The name of the hack driver was—
(a) Bill
(b) Lutkins
(c) Hudson
(d) Fritz
Ans: (a) Bill.

5. The narrator was ordered to serve a notice to a man, called—
(a) Milan Lutkins
(b) Oliver twis
(c) Samson Williams
(d) Oliver Lutkins
Ans: (d) Oliver Lutkins.

6. The name of the barber was—
(a) Bill
(b) Lutkins
(c) Gustaff
(d) Fritz
Ans: (c) Gustaff.

7. Lutkin was none other than—
(a) Bill himself
(b) Gray himself
(c) Gustaff himself
(d) Fritz himself
Ans: (a) Bill himself.

8. Poker is a game, plays with—
(a) Cards
(b) Marbles
(c) Ball
(d) Chess
Ans: (a) Cards.

9. One day the narrator was ordered to visit a village named—
(a) New Oliver
(b) New Mullion
(c) Mississippi
(d) Old mullion
Ans: (b) New Mullion.

10. Gray was a—
(a) Sweet seller
(b) Hacker
(c) Barber
(d) Driver
Ans: (c) Barber.

11. Oliver could be found at ______ shop, according to the delivery boy.
(a) Vegetable
(b) Fritz
(c) Sweet
(d) Meat
Ans: (b) Fritz.

12. Lutkins had not paid ______ to the barber.
(a) 50 Dollars
(b) 35 Dollars
(c) 15 Dollars
(d) 40 Dollars
Ans: (b) 35 Dollars.

13. New Mullion was ______ miles away from a place where he lived.
(a) 80 km
(b) 50 miles
(c) 40 miles
(d) 100 miles
Ans: (c) 40 miles.

14. Bill went to Lutkin’s house to deliver—
(a) A trunk
(b) Papers
(c) Sweet
(d) A parcel
Ans: (a) A trunk.

15. The delivery man had a ______ with him.
(a) Horse cart
(b) Cow cart
(c) Car
(d) Bicycle
Ans: (a) Horse Cart.

16. After graduation the narrator became a in a magnificent low farm—
(a) Junior assistant clerk
(b) Senior assistant clerk
(c) Junior advocate
(d) Senior accounts officer
Ans: (a) Junior assistant clerk.

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17. Bill’s wife will take only ______ for the food.
(a) 2 Dollars
(b) Half a dollar
(c) 1 Dollar
(d) 5 Dollar
Ans: (b) Half a dollar.

18. Lutkin’s mother lived in ______ miles away from new Mullion.
(a) 3
(b) 5
(c) 4
(d) 6
Ans: (a) 3.

19. The duty of the narrator was to ______.
(a) Do official paper work
(b) Take out the real victims
(c) Serve summons
(d) Look after the account
Ans: (c) Serve summons.

20. “William Magnusson fancy carting and hacking” was related to—
(a) Lutkins
(b) The narrator
(c) Magnusson
(d) The judge
Ans: (c) Magnusson.

21. ______ sang the loudest in church when she was must in debt.
(a) Lawyer’s wife
(b) Clerk’s wife
(c) Minister wife
(d) Bill’s wife
Ans: (c) Minister wife.

22. The age of the delivery man was about—
(a) 20 Years
(b) 40 Years
(c) 30 Years
(d) 50 Years
Ans: (b) 40 Years.

Long Type Questions and Answers (Marks : 4/5)

1. What does the young lawyer say about his life during the training period? Why was he sent to New Mullion? What does he first think about the place?
Ans: The narrator had graduated with honours at Law. He was a junior assistant clerk in a law firm. The narrator had to do some toiling/hard work under the firm viz. He had to go to dirty and shadowy corners of the city to serve summons preparing legal brief. Sometimes, he was beaten up. He hated this type of work. He felt better in his home town where he could perform as a real lawyer without any training.

One day, the lawyer was asked to serve summons to a person named Mr. Oliver Lutkins. Lutkins was a resident of New Mullion. The young lawyer was paid a visit to the mentioned place as per his duty. Lutkins was needed as a witness in a law case.

The young lawyer thought the place New Mullion as a sweet and a simple country village. Instead, the place New Mullion did not able to present a good impression on him. The streets were rivers of mud. The shops were rows of wooden. Also, the shops were either painted a sour brown or bare of any paint at all. The roads were so bad that could not go properly.

2. Who befriends him (the lawyer)? OR: What does the Lawyer say about Lutkins?
Where does Lutkins take the narrator or the lawyer?
OR: Give a description of the journey made by Bill and the young lawyer from the Fritz’s to Gray’s barber shop.
OR: Describe Bill and the lawyer’s search for Oliver Lutkins till it was lunch time.

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Ans: The young lawyer or the narrator informed that the place New Mullion did not able to present a good impression on him. Only, he was satisfied with the delivery man or Bill. He was about forty years old. His face was red. He was cheerful and thick about the middle. His working clothes were dirty and well-worn. He had a friendly manner. Any one felt at once that he liked people very much. His presence and honest behaviour trusted the narrator or the young lawyer’s heart.

The delivery man informed the narrator that Lutkins owed him too and started their journey. The man said that he would go to Fritz’s shop. They went there but could not find Lutkins. Fritz informed Bill that Lutkins was there a litter while ago. They thought that Lutkins had perhaps left for Gustaff’s barber shop to get a shave.

Then, both of them/they went to the shop of Gustaff to ask whereabouts Lutkins. A customer informed them that he had seen Lutkins going down the main street.

But make a conjecture that Lutkins might have gone to Gray’s barber shop. When they reached at Gray’s barber shop, they missed Lutkins by only five minutes.

They told that Lutkins might have gone for the poolroom. Even, at the pool, they could not find any trace/sign of Lutkins.
The narrator was hungry after executing a series of search. After their meal, they went to a friend of Lutkins and then they went to Lutkin’s mother farm. They could not find Lutkins in all the places. So, the lawyer returned from there with an empty hand at last.

3. What more does Bill say about Lutkins and his family?
OR: What did Bill tell the young lawyer about Oliver Lutkins before they started to find him out?
OR: What did Bill say about Oliver’s mother?
OR: Describe briefly the lawyer’s experience when he was led to Oliver mother’s farm house.

Ans: (About Lutkins: ) Bill informed the lawyer that he also wanted to collect some money from Lutkins. He said that Lutkins never paid anybody a cent. He still owed him fifty cents on a poker game. Lutkins was not really bad but it was hard to make him part with his money. If anyone tried to collect from him, in those fancy clothes, he would be suspicious and got away from him or her.

(About Oliver’s (Lutkins) mother:) Bill also informed about Oliver’s mother. She was a terror. Once, bill took a trunk out from Lutkin’s mother farm for her once. Then, she almost took his skin off because he did not treat that like a box of eggs. She was about nine feet tall and four feet thick. She was as quick as a cat and she sure could talk. He (Bill) would bet Oliver heard that somebody was chasing him and he had gone on there to hide behind his mother’s skirts.

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At Lutkin’s mother farm: When Bill and the lawyer went to the Lutkin’s mother farm, they faced an enormous and cheerful old woman. Bill asked her if she remembered him. Bill informed that he was Bill Magnuson, the carter and the hackman. He wanted to find her son, Oliver. Then, the old woman shouted and said that she did not know anything about Oliver and she did not want to.

After that, Bill informed her that the young man represented the court in the city and they had a legal right to search all properties for that Oliver Lutkins. On hearing those, she went into the kitchen and they followed her. She seized an iron from the old-fashioned stove and marched on them shouting. She shouted and laughed at their frightened retreat. Then, they fled away from there and they suspected of murder by her.
These are happened at the Oliver Lutkin’s mother farm.

4. Who was Lutkins? Does the narrator or the young lawyer serve the summons that day? Had the lawyer succeed to find Lutkins?
OR: How did the lawyer find Lutkins?
Ans: Lutkins was a resident of New Mullion. He was about forty years old. His face was red. He was cheerful and thick about the middle. His working clothes were dirty and well-worn. He had a friendly manner. Any one felt at once that he liked people very much. His presence and honest behaviour trusted the narrator or the young lawyer’s heart. He was also known as Bill or Magnuson.

No, the narrator or the young lawyer could not serve the summons that day. Because, he could not recognise Lutkins at first. He thought that Lutkins and Bill were two separate persons. Bill befooled the lawyer that day. So, he could not success his job for the day.

The next day at the office, he was welcomed with rebuking from his boss. He was again sent back to New Mullion with another man who had worked with Lutkins. When they reached at the station, the lawyer pointed out to Bill and said that he was a fine fellow, a real man and he would help in searching of Lutkins. The lawyer was baffled/surprised when his companion told him that Bill was Lutkins himself. At last, he could find Lutkins in the help of the man.

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